African Grey Pair Ready To Go

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African grey pair. Male and female both with article 10 licenses and closed rings, the hen has a DNA certificate and I can personally verify that she has laid eggs. I do not intend on splitting them as they are a heavily bonded pair. The Female is 2 years old and the male is 3 years older. They have been raised on the finest diet of pulses, a few pellets, fruit, veg, and supplements. Please only enquire if you are serious about buying them and can commit to their welfare.Contact +1(317) 527 6956

General Care for Pet Birds

Pet Bird General Care

It’s important to take care of your pet bird. Pet birds are different from cats and dogs, but keeping them safe is no more difficult. The basics are the right pet bird diet, a clean cage, fresh bird food and water, safe bird toys, exercise, and a great deal of care. To isolate your pet bird from the surface, pet bird cages should have plenty of space for movement.

Pet Bird interaction and socialization

In order to better understand their actions as partners, understanding bird actions in the wild is very important. In the wild, for instance, parrots are social creatures. In flocks, they roost, fly, and forage. Your family is a pet-bird flock, and they deserve to be part of the family events. The bird will scream to get the flock ‘s attention if the family is in one room and the bird is in its cage in another. Similarly, many parrot species bond for life. Therefore, when a parrot associates with one person and shows aggressive behaviour towards others, it merely protects its “mate.”

Pet Bird Cages and Environment

In general, the larger the cage for birds, the better they enjoy. To exercise their wings and ascend, pet birds need space. A selection of bird toys that offer entertainment opportunities provides plenty of things to do for these intelligent animals. Birds and canaries enjoy flying throughout a cage, so, especially with multiple birds, a flight cage is always preferred. For chewing, a parrot wants treats, whereas a finch or canary loves a bell or swing.

Some pet birds can replicate speech and sounds they hear (macaws, African Greys, amazons, and others). Some birds are better than others at mimicking, but note that each individual bird is different. Some of the soft-billed species, like the mynah, are also good at imitating.