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When it comes to watching football, not all televisions are made together. While most of today’s top TVs have good image quality, when it comes to shopping for the best TV for sports, it’s about more than just the colours on view. With fast-paced gameplay and a multitude of players, fans, and scores to keep track of on screen, you’ll need a TV that can keep up — without being blurry.

What Are the Best TVs for Sports?

The best sports televisions provide large-screen viewing with features that reduce blurring and banding, ensuring that the action on the field or court remains crisp and smooth. We searched for top rated TVs with deep contrasts and the opportunity to pick out small information, so you can quickly read the score when watching basketball online, or see the numbers on the back of football jerseys without having to squint or get up close.

Most TV channels are now broadcasting games in 4K quality, so we’ve rounded up the best 4K TVs for sports. You’ll see the action on pristine 4K TV sets, which offer four times the resolution of traditional 1080 HD.

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