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Browse through various Lighting categories that you are looking for including – LED lighting, wall lighting, commercial lighting & much more. We had categorized the products according to their roles and the most common features. Here you’ll find the best reading desk lamps, wall lights, ceiling lights and decor lights best suited for office, and to do projects that enhance your productivity. Here are different types of lights.

  • Recessed lights: This type of refined, out-of-the-way recessed lighting will go anywhere. 
  • Overcabinet lights: Placed between the cabinet and ceiling, overcabinet lights add a dramatic touch to your space. 
  • Toe-kick lights: Toe kick lights are a great way to set a vivid pattern to kitchens and to illuminate a pathway. 
  • Strip lights: These are versatile and great for illuminating a cabinet’s interior, especially, the low cabinets that hardly receive any ambient lighting. 
  • Puck lights: Round and oval in shape, puck lights are great mood lights and can be used to illuminate countertops in the form of a scallop, spot or a light pool.

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