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Custom tuck end packaging is perhaps the most common and the simplest packaging design in the packaging industry. Its popularity is manifest in the fact that this simple design can be used for virtually every type of product.

Why Packaging Matters And How We Can Help:

In recent years, the packaging industry has taken totally new dimensions. With an increase in competition, the importance of presentation for any product has also increased. When the customer has to select from the racks full of the same products with different names, the packaging does make a lot of difference. It is only natural for the customer to think, if so much hard one is done in the packaging, double the work would have been done to ensure the quality of the product. Hence, you need to choose a packaging partner vigilantly, because it is going to go a long way in the success of your product. Here is how Fast Custom Boxes can help you with this important marketing front:

We have the Most Responsive Customer Care Department

We are always available and keep to help no matter what is bothering you. Our customer care representatives are available 24/7 to guide you through anything. If you are confused about the box design best suited for your product, or the material to use, or are not sure about how to place an order, or want to know our prices or just want to get a quote for your potential order, want to confirm your order’s status, etc. you can reach us any time for anything. You can contact us through email, phone call, or live chat and you would get a prompt response.

Easiest Order Placement Procedure

We offer the simplest order placement process. It is hassle-free and quick. All you have to do is to fill a form online asking for your order specifications. Just fill in the important details and submit it. Once you’ve submitted the form, your order is received by us and you will then receive a phone call shortly where you can give us the confirmation and discuss any other details.

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A wide range of Stock Options to Choose from

We understand that your custom printed straight tuck end boxes must be durable enough to protect the product that they behold and keep their shape intact. In this era of home deliveries, products have to travel through long transits before they reach their final destination. This may include, rough transits and careless handling. We make sure, no matter how long your product has to travel it reaches the destination safe and sound. A distorted box means a distorted image and we ensure you that it won’t happen. You can choose from a variety of stock options ranging from 12pt to 24pt and also the corrugated stock and rigid stock.

We Use Latest Equipment for Printing

One of the reasons why we have been able to maintain high printing standards is that we use the latest and most advanced printing equipment. Our machinery is always up to date and our equipment in line with accepted standards. That is why we have been able to provide the greatest color precision and highest quality printing. Moreover, additional features like debossing, embossing and laser cutting, etc. are also provided for a premium look.

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