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  1. 1. You have been appointed as a Strategy Consultant to a Swiss shoemaking brand namely “Bally” wanting to enter India. Which one of Porter’s Generic Strategies would you choose to be operational in India & explain the reasons in detail behind your choice of strategy? Once the strategy has been chosen, explain the categories of customers you would target?
  1. Wildcat Ltd, a manufacturing company sold machinery for Rs 8 lacs at the year-end. The company had purchased the machinery four years back for Rs 15 lacs and had depreciated the same using the written down value method of depreciation @ 20%.

As an accounts executive of Wildcat Ltd, calculate the WDV of the asset for the four years, accumulated depreciation for four years and profit/loss on the sale, if any

  1. Provide five-number summary i.e. the minimum, 1st quartile, median, 3rd quartile, and maximum value for fixed acidity. Arrange them in increasing order on a straight line, draw a box plot and interpret what it means.
  2. Calculate the correlation coefficient between fixed acidity and volatile acidity and between residual sugar and chlorides. Comment on the strength and direction of association for the two variable pairs.

Lok Sabha in India is to discuss a key constitutional amendment, and there will be four rounds of voting. In each round of voting, assume that the ruling party has a 60% chance of winning, i.e. getting the resolution passed by majority vote. Further assuming that the voting rounds are independent of each other, what is the probability that:

  1. Arjan is an employee who is never on time for work or meetings. He has been issued several warning memos but in vain. The management is not able to take stringent action against him as he is very good at his work and is one of the top performers. As his reporting authority, you still feel that he should respect the time and be disciplined. From the different elements of reinforcement which one should his manager choose to get the desired behavior? Conclude by giving why it (the one which you chose) is the best suited.

M/s Paper Write Corporation deals with the manufacturing and selling of paper bags. The company has started this business looking at the opportunity that exists, after plastic was banned by the government in some states. The company has never used any modern day management practices and the business continues to function in the traditional way. Mr. Ajay has been appointed as a Manager to handle the overall functioning of the business. He notices a few things in the company:

India’s water crisis is often attributed to lack of government planning, increased corporate privatization, industrial and human waste and government corruption. In addition, water scarcity in India is expected to worsen as the overall population is expected to increase to 1.6 billion by the year 2050. Can you recommend two policy changes with details of how this will address the water crisis issue for an increasing population of India in an ethical manner? (Your answer must have logical points that make sense. Do online research to find a solution to the water problem)

Pharma Care Enterprises is an MNC that is taking over a small family-owned enterprise called DermaBoss. You have been appointed to do an HR audit with the objective of reducing potential legal risks to the company post the merger. What type of HR audit will you conduct and what are the steps you will follow to do the same?

The World Economic Forum publishes the Global Competitiveness report annually which ranks nations across 12 pillars of global competitiveness. Develop a regional Asia-Pacific Outlook for a minimum of 5 economies in the region.

. Due to US President Donald Trump’s policies, it is becoming difficult to export steel components to the US. You are a big exporter of auto components to the US. Hence you want to evaluate setting up a new Plant in America and also explore the option to expand in that market. Evaluate whether you would like to set up Plant in the US or Mexico on the basis of  International Business & Marketing Environment parameters to come to a decision. Both countries are now part of the NAFTA agreement.