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For over thirty years Kumar bros have been manufacturing and supplying the aftermarket with high-quality Cylinder Heads.

We have always been and are only dedicated to making cylinder heads as our range of products reflects the same. Our secret is simple. We transferred our years of experience in our manufacturing. Through thorough engineering And combination of our latest machinery complemented by accurate jigs and fixtures give our products the desired quality and optimum performance.
It is important to realize and understand that a great cylinder head begins with great machine work. For this very reason, we have made a huge investment in modern machinery. We do our head work using the latest in machinery technology. Even with 30 years and counting of race-winning cylinder head building experience, if the machine work is not right, the engine will not run right. It’s because of detailed machine work that our heads require no break-in time. When you receive ahead from us, its ready to go.
Our Cylinder Head manufacturing process controls each production stage with several parameters. Before a cylinder head dispatch, the mandatory stages of production are side milling, drilling, sheet cutting, tapping, pressure testing, water jacket cleaning, crack test, deburring & oiling, fitment of child parts, final inspection and packaging. Through all the stages, an end-to-end process and quality parameters are adhered, to ensure hard-line quality and sturdy end products.

Our range of products is for diesel engines used in the following applications for several brands i.e. Earthmovers, tractors, combine, trailers, trucks, commercial vehicles, and generators.
We supply the need and lead for the domestic market as well as for the international market. Our goods are exported worldwide, with successfully repeated exports to the USA, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.


We really understand what is needed to get you there. After browsing through our website please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.