Nichani Electronics-Electronic Components Manufacturers in Chennai

kinchani electronics
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Nichani Electronics , 1B, Mohamed Hussain Sahib Street, Mount Road, Chennai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002
Detailed Information

Since 1990, Nichani Electronics, has been developing sourcing for Components which add value to the Products manufactured by the Electronic Industry .

Today, Nichani Electronics has established itself as a Dealer of “Quality Electronic Components”. Our Components are manufactured by ISO 9001 standards and are ROHS compliant.

We have strong marketing team to provide support in highly competitive territories like Northern and Western India. Our excellent sales team consists of Individuals with over 10 years of experience in Capacitors selling in North & South India.

We can offer customers a complete Technical Data and Design Specification service for incorporating Components in their products. We meet all possible Time requirements.

We specialize in Short Notice requirements for regular business! ( we beat JIT standards!). We also specialize in Anticipation Marketing.