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Management Theory and Practice

  1. M/s Paper Write Corporation deals with the manufacturing and selling of paper bags. The company has started this business looking at the opportunity that exists, after plastic was banned by the government in some states. The company has never used any modern day management practices and the business continues to function in the traditional way. Mr. Ajay has been appointed as a Manager to handle the overall functioning of the business. He notices few things in the company:
  2. a) One person reporting to three bosses
  3. b) No specialized worker in the factory
  4. c) Long hierarchy to get any approval
  5. d) No following of rules and regulations
  6. e) No designated place for inventory, tools, equipment’s, etc.
  7. f) The team work among employees is missing.

Advise Mr. Ajay any five of Henry Fayol’s principles which can solve the problems mentioned above. Explain the same with description. (10 Marks) 

  1. 2M/s Paper Write Corporation problems don’t seem to end. The company doesn’t use modern day technology in the departments. Some observations made by Ajay are:
  2. a) The company uses register for employee attendance.
  3. b) The company has a manual process of writing entry in the books of accounts.
  4. c) The leaves are applied on paper which has a lengthy process of approval.
  5. d) All the orders are sent through hard copies to the suppliers.
  6. e) The inventory management is not practiced effectively due to the lack of usage of technology.

Advise any 5 modern day technologies which will make the system more productive and effective. Explain the same with description. (10 Marks)  

3.a. There is no motivation among employees and workers in the organization. How will you motivate the employees and workers of M/s Paper Write Corporation? (5 Marks)  

3.b. Explain the style of leadership that will be suitable for M/s Paper Write Corporation. Elaborate on the choice of leadership selected. (5 Marks)