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Lok Sabha in India is to discuss a key constitutional amendment, and there will be four rounds of voting. In each round of voting, assume that the ruling party has a 60% chance of winning, i.e. getting the resolution passed by majority vote. Further assuming that the voting rounds are independent of each other, what is the probability that:

Provide five-number summary i.e. the minimum, 1st quartile, median, 3rd quartile and maximum value for fixed acidity. Arrange them in increasing order on a straight line, draw a box plot and interpret what it means.

  1. Calculate the correlation coefficient between fixed acidity and volatile acidity and between residual sugar and chlorides. Comment on the strength and direction of association for the two variable pairs.

iii. What can be stated about the cause-effect relationship between fixed acidity and volatile acidity, based on the correlation coefficient score?

  1. For the data in the table below:
  2. What do high kurtosis and skewness figures denote?
  3. Free Sulphur dioxide and total Sulphur dioxide have meant, median and modes that differ substantially from each other. What can you infer from this?

iii. By looking at the descriptive stats of the variables, identify two that may be closest to being normally distributed. Why?

Dec Stats fixed acidity volatile acidity citric acid residual sugar chlorides free sulfur dioxide total sulfur dioxide density pH sulphates alcohol Mean 6.85 0.28 0.33 6.39 0.05 35.31 138.36 0.99 3.19 0.49 10.51 Med 6.80 0.26 0.32 5.20 0.04 34.00 134.00 0.99 3.18 0.47 10.40 Mod 6.80 0.28 0.30 1.20 0.04 29.00 111.00 0.99 3.14 0.50 9.40 SD 0.84 0.10 0.12 5.07 0.02 17.01 42.50 0.00 0.15 0.11 1.23 Kurt 2.17 5.09 6.17 3.47 37.56 11.47 0.57 9.79 0.53 1.59 -0.70 Skew 0.65 1.58 1.28 1.08 5.02 1.41 0.39 0.98 0.46 0.98 0.49 Range 10.40 1.02 1.66 65.20 0.34 287.00 431.00 0.05 1.10 0.86 6.20

M/s Paper Write Corporation deals with the manufacturing and selling of paper bags. The company has started this business looking at the opportunity that exists after plastic was banned by the government in some states. The company has never used any modern-day management practices and the business continues to function in the traditional way. Mr. Ajay has been appointed as a Manager to handle the overall functioning of the business. He notices a few things in the company:

Arjan is an employee who is never on time for work or meetings. He has been issued several warning memos but in vain. The management is not able to take stringent action against him as he is very good at his work and is one of the top performers. As his reporting authority you still feel that he should respect time and be disciplined. From the different elements of reinforcement which one should his manager choose to get the desired behaviour? Conclude by giving why it (the one which you chose) is the best suited.

  1. Choose one Asian and one European country. Compare and contrast communication in their cultures.

Assume you are handling the CSR activities of an organization M/s Padega India that deals with manufacturing of Stationery items which includes notebooks, Pen, Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener, etc. The company is well known for its product quality. The company has a national presence and it has been profitable for the last 10 years.

  1. 1Explain any five CSR activities that you will initiate for the organization? Explain with reasons.

Kanye Apparels Pvt. Limited is a homegrown brand. It has come a long way from being a family business to a mid-sized organization. Traditionally they always believed in appraising employees through the checklist method. Recently many employees have come out being very vocal about their displeasure on the traditional way of appraisal and feel it is an unjust way of assessing them. You have been hired as a consultant to propose a new appraisal system. Also, conclude by justifying your selection for the choice of an appraisal method.

 “Balwaan Gyms and Akhadas” is a new enterprise started by two young fitness freak entrepreneurs Mr. Balraj and Mr. Balbuddhi. Balwaan Gyms and Akhadas is a chain of gyms.