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Essentials of HRM

  1. Discuss the process of induction (not a traditional one) being followed in any organisation. (It should not be the traditional way of induction, please cite only those which are different from traditional methods) (10 Marks)
  1. Kiara Enterprises is a very small organisation dealing with export rejected clothing. They are growing slowly but steadily. Kiara, the owner now wants to expand it a bit more and hence opts for Human Resource planning. It is advised to them to go for qualitative methods for demand forecasting as they have limited funds. Discuss all three qualitative methods of demand forecasting. Conclude by suggesting the best method suited for Kiara’s organisation. (10 Marks)
  1. Swati and Prashant are both working as sales managers. Swati was chosen for Assessment Centre whereas Prashant for Development Centre, of which they were not clearly aware. Few months later Swati got promoted which agitated Prashant as he thought his performance was also good. Prashant went to the HR head to discuss the same. In context of the case answer these questions:
  1. Explain to Prashant why Swati got promoted. (5 Marks)
  2. Explain to Prashant what a Development Centre is. (5 Marks)