Solved assignments for DEC 2019 NMIMS

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International Marketing

  1. 1. Due to US President Donald Trump’s policies it is becoming difficult to export steel components to US. You are a big exporter of auto components to the US. Hence you want to evaluate setting up a new Plant in America and also explore option to expand in that market. Evaluate whether you would like to set up Plant in the US or Mexico on basis of  International Business & Marketing Environment parameters to come to a decision. Both countries are now part of NAFTA agreement. (10 Marks)
  2. You are the CEO of a FMCG company and wish to enter China. You have a strong global brand. Evaluate any 3 entry options to enter into China. Which of the market entry options would you finally choose & why? (10 Marks)
  3. 3. The LEGO toys market has strong growth and reasonable volume in India. The Toy market is dominated by Mattel and many smaller Indian players in this segment. Mattel enjoys a 30-50% higher pricing compared to other leading Indian brands. As LEGO you have decided to enter the Indian market in India in a big way either by setting up own manufacturing.
  4. a) Suggest what would be your pricing strategy for the Indian market. (5 Marks)
  5. b) Suggest the possible brand positioning for your LEGO Toys. (5 Marks)