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Located at the border of Asia, Georgia is an independent country, and perhaps the most desirable destination if looked upon, for medical education. MBBS in Georgia has gained vast scope in the past few years, especially among the Indian students.

What makes Georgia unique is their education and the MBBS program it offers for international students. Studying MBBS in Georgia ensures the highest quality of medical education and better job prospects across the world.

The universities situated in Georgia are well nominated by international reputed agencies including WHO, UNESCO, MCI, WFME, ECFMG, FAIMER, etc.

Georgia has over 20+ associated hospitals for graduated practitioners to give a boost to their careers. These overall milestones followed by its historic legacy, are more than enough to Study MBBS in Georgia and embark upon your medical journey.

Take a look at some of the factors that qualify Georgia as one of the best places to take up a medical education.

There is very less complication at the entry level admission process, unlike many other countries. To get an MBBS admission in Georgia, a few documents needs to be submitted. All you need is your NEET score with your PCB scores, which needs to be above 50%. No additional exams or training program certifications is required. The entire structure of the transaction is crystal clear and very easy to get through.
The administrative panel in these universities are extremely experienced committees, and they help smoothen the process of taking MBBS admission in Georgia. They focus on solving the pragmatic problems of each student to take make their transition into the university easy.
Accommodation moderation- Cost of living in Georgia comes at a very reasonable price. If you decide to study MBBS in Georgia, we assure you a quality education and standard of living at prices that are too good to be true.
Reasonable fee structure- Studying MBBS in Georgia comes with a nominal fee structure, and cost-effective MBBS program in contrast to other international universities.
Internship benefits- Colleges like DTMU in Georgia have associations with top medical institutes and hospitals that makes it convenient for the students to start their medical journey immediately after graduation. Due to its top-class recognition, it becomes easier to find internship opportunities even for freshers since they were trained efficiently in educational practices.

Security in Georgia

Safety is the major concern to anyone who’s moving abroad for educational purpose. When it comes to Georgia and other reputable universities the game is fairly transparent. There are all types of precautionary measures taken and enough attention given to the foreign embassy to make the road easy for all students.

Documents Required for MBBS in Georgia

Valid passport and visa
Academic mark sheet (10th & 12th)
Passport size photocopy having white colour on the background (6 Each)
Birth Certificate
SLC and related educational documents
Bank statement of parents (6 Months)
Letter of Authorization.
No objection letter certificate.
Sponsorship Letter.
Documents for the admission process are variant depending on the criteria of the individual university.

In conclusion, pursuing an MBBS in Georgia is a win win situation for students in terms of all the parameters, like educational standards, fee structure and living affordability. So, our advice to you is “Think no further and opt Georgia to acquire the best medical education possible”.

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