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Parry Nutraceuticals is a division of EID Parry, which deals in sugar and nutraceuticals. EID Parry is a part of the prestigious Murugappa Group, one of India’s leading business conglomerate. In the 1980s, as a step towards addressing malnutrition, the Murugappa Chettiar Research Centre (MCRC)* initiated work on Spirulina as a source of protein and vital nutrients for children living in rural areas. The initiative was then commercially scaled up to a 135-acre open-pond farming facility in Oonaiyur, a remote pristine village in Chettinad, South Tamil Nadu. Parry Nutraceuticals constantly strives to work on ecologically sustainable cultivation practices in its state-of-the-art production facility for organic micro-algal products. Our mission is to consistently produce and supply high-quality supplements packed with nutrients derived from microalgae and other sources of sustainable nutrition.

Parry is committed to deliver a sustainable future for both our customers and their consumers. What sets us apart is our ‘in process quality assurance’ that not only ensures the safety and hygiene of our employees and equipment, but also maintains the purity of each batch from line clearance at the start, to final sampling at the very end. Precise documentation of every change, every incident, every new step is recorded and passed down to the concerned stakeholder before being implemented.That is how we’re able to meet a number of set standards to deliver purity par excellence
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