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Nowadays, television also can be used as a PC monitor for gaming purposes. Many of the individuals choose the best TVs to use as PC monitors because the size and the resolution of the 4K TV are high and people experience more thrilling in the 4K TVs than the best gaming monitors.

It is known that the best 4K TVs are available at the affordable price, features, and specifications also overcome the monitor. The PC monitor and the 4K TV are the same but they differ in the size, design, and picture quality.

The 4K TVs delivers the best and finest picture quality and has advanced processing capabilities it comes with the inbuilt features like sound and TV tuners and integrated speakers, while monitors typically have DisplayPort links that are still missing from TVs.

Some of the TVs contain PC mode option to choose in which it helps to compress the image size while processing and also helps in low input lag. So the peoples who like to play games love 4K TV for their outstanding performance and the response time.

Most TVs offer a PC Mode option, which removes the extra image processing and ensures the lowest possible input lag. The most important things to take into consideration when choosing the best TVs to use as PC Monitor are the TV’s supported resolutions, the ability to display chroma 4:4:4, and the viewing angles that can cause uniformity issues when sitting close to the screen.

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