Brain Boost Formula for Memory, Learning and Intelligence for Teens

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This Power Protein Powder from the house of BIOAYURVEDA is a unique combination of natural nutrients and protein sources that is formulated to boost brain activity and mental clarity. Excellent natural nutrition for immunity and resilience that empowers brain-body coordination and consistency. It also improves digestive power. It calms nervous energy and enhances energy levels, reduces stress, fuels the metabolic rate. Contains pure natural herbs like Bacopa(Brahmi),  a tonic for brain and memory boost, Musali as a restorative for immunity and health, Shankha pushpi or English Speed wheel for mental strength, memory, concentration, intelligence, and rejuvenation, Shatavari(Wild Asparagus)  is a digestive aid and has a nourishing effect. SOYA is a protective bean with high protein and essential amino acids. WHEY is considered a complete protein which is low in lactose content.

Stir 1 tablespoon in 200ml water or a glass of milk. Blend well & consume promptly.

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