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Digival tailor’s technology for colleges to deliver quality programs in order to achieve learning outcomes. Product that enables you to deliver quality programs and courses to achieve students learning outcomes.


Digiassess helps colleges and universities to conduct high standard and quality assessments. It simplifies the assessment preparation for onsite and remote exams without compromising exam integrity.


Digiclass is a smart classroom management system that measures the student and staff’s performance to assure quality learning in the onsite and remote learning environment.


Digischeduler offers the dual benefit of automation and customization to track and monitor the curriculum in real-time. Automation helps save time. Personalization of product caters to course specific scheduling requirements.


Digilearn is a customizable learning management system that intuitively understands and supports the needs of universities, colleges, and institutions and helps them share a large amount of information, with many students, in real time.

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