SOLVED 2019 JULY NMIMS ASSIGNMENTS - Give examples of the following ty

Detailed Information

Business Communication and Etiquette

  1. Give examples of the following types of Biases in a sentence: Gender bias, Racial bias, Age bias, Disability bias. How can they be avoided? (10 Marks)
  1. is an online apparel store. You are the Online Customer Service Manager. A disgruntled customer has written a rude email complaining that the chiffon blouse she purchased a month ago has torn and shrunk, after just machine-washing it once. Your website clearly mentions that delicate materials like chiffon can only be hand-washed. She is asking for a replacement or a complete refund of Rs. 2000. How would you respond to this complaint? Draft an email. (10 Marks)

3 a. You’ve just finished the first document draft of a crucial proposal you are to send out next week. Explain the different tactics you may use to proofread it. (5 Marks)

  1. You’ve been shortlisted for an interview at your dream company. What are the different common types of Interviews you should mentally prepare yourself for? (5 Marks)


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